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Rugged Meats - Power Your Pursuit™

We are excited to announce that Rugged Meats Subscriptions are coming soon!

When we go live with this new and exciting way to keep stocked up on Rugged Meats Snack Sticks, you will be able to register for and begin your subscription service right here on our website! Once registered, we’ll ship you a fresh order of snack sticks plus a refill every 30 days so you never experience the horrific tragedy of running out of Rugged Meats snack sticks and having to resort to an inferior snack option!
You determine how many boxes you want and what flavors. No long term commitments and change your preference any time! Try it out and if it cramps your style cancel with no penalties! But we are confident that once you experience the joy of having a constant supply of the best snack on the planet you will never want to be without them!
The program perks include:
  • Discounted pricing
  • Free Shipping