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One of the greatest joys in life is being able to give back to those in need! We have been fortunate to meet some friends Andrew and Anna Smith of Rooftop Missions. One of their main jobs is working with the Azlynn Noelle Children’s home in India. They travel over there periodically to help out with operations and to minister to the needs of the children and workers there. They are always looking for ways to provide for the children there and we have a great idea of how we can all help these sweet kids!

We had the opportunity on their last trip to provide some snack sticks for the kids to try and they were a huge hit to say the least! This is a critical need because their diet is significantly limited in quality protein sources. Rugged Meats snack sticks are jam packed with the highest quality protein so this fills a nutritional need perfectly for these kids!


Rugged Meats Snack Sticks were a huge hit!!

They are going back over there in June and we want to send them with a serious load of sticks this time! So here is what we are going to do and how you can help with it! For every stick sold between now and when they leave, we are going to donate a stick to the orphans! So if you buy one box, we will donate 24 sticks for them to take and distribute to the orphans, if we sell a case, we will donate 144 sticks! So you can play an active role in providing this critical nutrition to these kids who need it!