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It is finally here!

We are all extremely busy and getting busier by the second. That is one of the strengths of Rugged Meats is that it is a snack that you can take with you for superior nutrition anywhere, anytime! Not only is it a convenient and portable snack, but it is delicious and the absolute highest quality, protein packed snack you can find to Power Your Pursuit!

The one problem is remembering to keep stocked up on them. If you are like me, when it is time to re-order something online you usually forget about 10 times before you finally remember while you are actually sitting at the computer. So even though Rugged Meats is a delicious, perfectly convenient and healthy snack option, how often are you without it because you keep forgetting to reorder?

Well, that is a problem no more! I would like to introduce you to Rugged Meats Subscribe and Save! If you sign up for our subscribe and save program in the month of June, you will lock in the price of $29.99/month which is less than a dollar a day for a box of the best snacks in the world!

But wait there’s more! If you sign up for 2 or more boxes per month as well as our Rugged Wire newsletter, you will also receive one of our brand new Rugged Meats hats of your choice of styles!

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