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One of the things that was extremely important to us from the moment we started Rugged Meats was that the company would be a part of something bigger. We are passionate about actively pursuing our favorite outdoor activities but the freedom to do so comes at a great cost.

Every day, men and women lay their lives on the line to defend us and the freedoms that we enjoy and take for granted. Many will make the ultimate sacrifice and lay down their lives for us. Those that are fortunate to make it home many times are either physically or mentally scarred from what they have had to endure while fighting the enemy.

As we looked for organizations to support, moral integrity was extremely important as was fiscal responsibility. Through a family member, who is a retired Navy chaplain and works with the organization, we found out about Operation Heal Our Patriots. This is an arm of the Samaritans Purse wing of the Billy Graham Organization.

What really attracted us to this great organization was not only do they provide an opportunity for the wounded patriots to escape and recharge, but the spouse is brought along as well so that they can both experience healing and rebuilding as a couple! And the best part is, not only do they provide this service, they also regularly follow up with the couples. This includes a reunion each year for all alumni of the camp, so that they can make sure that the physical, mental and spiritual healing is continuing in their lives! And of course, all of this is provided at no expense at all to the Patriots and their spouses!

Obviously, all of this takes money so that is where you come in! By purchasing Rugged Meats snack sticks, a portion of the profits from every sale go to this fantastic organization so that they can continue to provide all of these great services to these extremely deserving couples! So while most of us will never be able to directly thank these brave souls for their dedication and sacrifice, by purchasing Rugged Meats snack sticks you can directly have a hand in their support and the healing process that is so vital to restoring their lives upon returning from war!

Operation Heal our Patriots

To learn more about Operation Heal our Patriots, visit their website at Samaritan’s Purse or watch the video below.