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100% Free Range

We only use 100% Free Ranging Wild Boar. We believe that true wild boar, fed only what it can forage for, provides superior nutrition in pork products.

100% American Boar

Our meat products are made only from American Wild Boar for unique nutrition and fresh pork flavor

100% Natural Ingredients

Our products are 100% natural, Gluten Free, Nitrate Free, and MSG Free! We do not add any artificial ingredients or flavoring

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What Customers are Saying

I received my bbq meat sticks in the mail yesterday and immediately opened up the package and devoured one on the spot. Absolutely delicious! Prefect winter snow storm snack for us up here in PA! And they taste sooooo much better than store bought meat sticks. Thanks for shipping them out so quickly! I’m anxious to share them with my husband and youngest son when they get home from the mountains.

Jill R, Pennsylvania
When I over sleep and am running late for school I throw them in the car and toss them the perfect, balanced, nutritional breakfast on the go!!
Leanna S, Florida
This product is fantastic! I love the convenience of being able to toss a few in my purse and having a great snack on hand while I am on the go. They have become my mid-afternoon go to snack, and helps keep my appetite satisfied until dinner, and the best part is They are REALLY good!
Cheryl S, Florida