Rugged Meats - A Healthy Snack Company

Rugged Meats is a healthy snack company that is committed to providing you and your family with only the absolute highest quality products.

Rugged Meats provides the fuel you need for wherever your adventure takes you

That’s why we use only the finest available ingredients in our products - so you can always be confident that you are providing both a delicious and healthy snack for those you love! Don't tell our competition, but here’s our secret. When you start with only the best quality ingredients, like 100% grass-fed beef from small American family farms and 100% free-range wild pork and turkey, you don't need to add lots of chemicals to make it taste better. Amazing meat + simple spices creates an incredible experience that you will enjoy and feel good about eating! With 7g of protein in each snack stick, it keeps you feeling full longer so you can power your pursuit!"

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100% All Natural Ingredients

Our products are 100% natural, Gluten Free, Nitrate Free, and MSG Free! We do not add any artificial ingredients or flavoring. Each snack stick is packed with 7g of protein to energize naturally.

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100% American Made

Our products are 100% American made. We believe that we do well when America does well and that is why we purchase our meats from American farmers to support them and their families.

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100% Free Range

We use only 100% free range meats in our products to ensure that the animals eat an all natural diet! This boosts the nurtitional quality of our products with Omega 3's and vitamin E and lower saturated fat.