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Rugged Meats is a healthy snack company that is committed to providing you and your family with only the absolute highest quality products.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why use wild boar?

Our goal is to not only make the highest quality products available, but also unique and delicious! We chose to use wild boar meat because it fits that bill perfectly! Our wild boar meat comes from pigs that are trapped in the wild in Texas and Florida. They are then transported to a USDA inspected processing plant where they are inspected both before and after processing, and the meat is thoroughly tested for any diseases or bacteria to ensure absolute safety! These pigs are never fattened up or farm raised so you get all of the benefits of a free ranging, truly 100% wild game meat in our products!

Why grass-fed beef?

We believe, and science backs us up, that what animals eat, drastically affects the end composition of the meat that comes from an animal. Since cows are herbivores and not meant to eat large, concentrated quantities of grain and soy, when they eat their natural diet of 100% grass several important things happen. First, in general, the cows are healthier and happier because their bodies are in a properly fed state and they typically don't get sick nearly as often. Second, the nutritional content of their meat is more favorable for us as end consumers. A grass-fed beef product typically has higher Omega-3 fatty acid content (great for brain health and development), higher levels of Vitamin E and beta-carotene, and lower saturated fat levels. This translates into a better, more nutritious product for you and your family! 

How long will your products last and do they need to be refrigerated?

Our products have a 1 year shelf life from the time of manufacture (not that they will last that long!). They are shelf stable and don't require refrigeration but they do best when they are kept at moderate temperatures (60-80 degrees) and out of direct sunlight for extended periods of time!